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Age of Apathy

The Age of Apathy


Whether it be Strider Wolf, black poverty, black success or white denial – one thing is for sure, many people are too tired or simply do not care to educate themselves about reality. Reality is found on TV now – not a broken-down trailer park, not in the impoverished streets of Roxbury.

The life and times of Strider Wolf slows our mind and allows us the ability to take in more than words can convey. I can see why Strider simply wants to be loved. It’s written all over his face when his grandmother plays with him for just a moment. You can see it in him as he goes shirtless, as the man of the house, carrying gallons of water back to the campsite. You can see that when his birthday rolls around and all he hopes for is for everyone to be together, to be happy and to be loved.

This piece is thought provoking and leaves just enough to the imagination. Sarah Schweitzer and Jessica Rinaldi visually and verbally uncover the truth in many forms. Heart felt journalism can impact readers. A $20,000 go fund me project for Strider and his family prove this to be true. Once the wallets are put back in the pocket and the story is told, the reality is – does anyone still care?

It’s a wonder that people still find the time to dig into the truth of the human spirit. Farah Stockman in Naming our era of racial contradictions flips this coin for us. She shows us, through statistics, that we are misinformed about a clouded belief of equality. She foretells events that occur nearly two years later at a KKK rally in Charlottesville VA.

A deep disconnect, she says, occurs when the majority of whites don’t believe racism still exists, or even more revealing, that they are actually the victims of it. Black success, black presidents, black money for scholarships…she goes on with statistic after statistic in this short, tight, power punched piece about racial contradictions. Farah does not claim to have the answers – she does however provide statistics to elicit a response. I appreciate her clear and concise point of view – bringing to light the real in reality.

“People want to declare victory or defeat and go home” because they are too tired, like grandmamma Lanette, or simply don’t care.. Truly a time to be had in this Age of Apathy.

Racial Contradiction in the KKK rally in Charlottesville…